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About The Pancake Manor

Lovely Pancakes! <3? http://instagram.com/pancake_manor Many people marvel at the craftsmanship of those who constructed the church building which now houses The Pancake Manor. John Steward and Company constructed this wonderfully detailed brick building with its magnificent arches and roof in 1904. The building was then known as St Lukes Cathedral and served as home to the cathedral congregation in the period between the demolition of the old cathedral and the new St Johns Cathedral which opened in 1910. The church then reverted to its original purpose as Headquarters for the Anglican Church Mission until the 1950s. It also had club rooms underneath for newspaper boys. The building was leased and refurbished into The Pancake Manor in 1979. The Pancake Manor has become a Brisbane icon, known to generations of Brisbanites as the place to go day or night for quality food and great hospitality from well picked and trained staff. Who can forget not only those great family meals as little ones but also those visits at the end of a long evening when we would sit down to a late snack of good food with friends. In 2005 the Good Knight Bar below the restaurant in the old newspaper boy's clubrooms was opened. Pancake Manor Garden City was opened in August 2011 in the refurbished Westfield Garden City!

Rating: 5 / 5 - 27516

Attire - Dress code: Casual

Street address: 18 Charlotte St, Brisbane

Phone: (07) 3221 6433


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  • 🎅🦌☃️ SANTA SPECIALS! 🎅🦌☃️ Hooray it's festive season! Kids' $6 specials - Sandy Snowman ☃️ or Rudolph!🦌 $12 Candy Cakes - crushed candy canes, choc bits and white choc rum sauce 😋 Available from today! 🏃 #pancakemano...

The Pancake Manor have not created menu yet.

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The Pancake Manor

The Pancake Manor

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