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Australia's home of seafood. Expert advice. The widest range of the finest quality Australian seafood, fantastic specialty retailers. Shop. Eat. Learn. Experience! Sydney Fish Market – Australia’s Home of Seafood. Located on Blackwattle Bay in Pyrmont, Sydney. Six seafood retailers, cafes, gourmet deli, fruit & veg market, gift shop, bottle shop, bakery, sushi bar and Chinese restaurant. Sydney Fish Market is a must visit Sydney icon. Open 7 days, 7am -4pm. The fast paced wholesale fish auction starts at 5.30am. The public can see all the action on a Behind the Scenes Tour; which are currently held every Mon, Thu and Fri (except Public Holidays and between Christmas and New Year). Bookings for these tours are essential, visit our website for more info SFM is also the home of Sydney Seafood School which offers a wide range of classes in handling and cooking seafood with some held by well-known local chefs. To make a booking call +61 2 9004 1111 between 8.30am - 5.00pm or email weekdays. FISHline is Sydney Fish Market's free consumer advisory service, providing advice on seafood purchasing, storage and cooking as well as information on a wide variety of seafood species. and visit the FISHline tab. Important information Sydney Fish Market (SFM) may, in its absolute discretion and for any reason, delete any comment posted on the page. Users must not post a comment or content which is, or could reasonably be considered to be: unlawful, discriminatory, vilifying, menacing, harassing, offensive, threatening, stalking, violent, obscene, defamatory, infringing of intellectual property rights, misleading, false, deceptive, fraudulent or spam. SFM is not responsible for, and accepts no liability with respect to any comments or content uploaded on this page by anyone other than SFM. SFM does not endorse any opinion or statement made by anyone other than SFM. If SFM posts links to other websites, the links do not signify endorsement or approval by SFM of the content of those websites. Similarly, the links do not imply any endorsement by the owner of the linked site of SFM. Users must not upload material which contains viruses or anything else which might damage the operation of someone else’s computer. Users must only post comments and materials which are appropriate and relevant. Users must not impersonate anyone or refuse to verify their identity to SFM if requested to do so. Users must not collect information about other users of this page without their consent or for unlawful purposes. Users must not unduly promote commercial goods or services or solicit for donations.

Street address: Bank St, Pyrmont

Phone: (02) 9004 1100

Website: http://www.sydneyfishmark...

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