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The RSL Art Union ( helps to support Australia’s Veteran Community including ex-service men and women and their families. RSL Art Union raises funds to support ex-servicemen and women and their families. Funds raised by the RSL Art Union support RSL initiatives, providing essential support to current and former Australian Defence Force personnel and their families. This support is accessible to any person who has served, regardless of whether they are a member of the RSL. Every person who comes to the RSL for support or assistance has a different story. Some are young men or women who have returned from active service in other countries who need a helping hand to reconnect with their families and re-integrate into our fast-paced society. Some suffer the crippling effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and require both physical and emotional rehabilitation. Others are veterans of past wars who are ill and trying to navigate the complex pensions and welfare system in order to receive the benefits to which they are entitled or are suffering financial hardship and need access to low-cost housing. The organisation also helps the elderly and lonely, bound to hospital beds and simply crave a conversation with someone who cares. Through our veteran research and rehabilitation services, free pensions, advocacy and welfare services, low cost and emergency housing, and financial support services, the RSL is able to enrich the lives of all of these people who have served our country and are now in need of some help themselves. Recent RSL initiatives include a $1.75 million world-first research project into Post -Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), enabling RSL to better understand and support the thousands of returning veterans suffering from serious mental and physical conditions. RSL has also pioneered a new initiative, ‘Mates4Mates’, to provide support to wounded, injured and ill current and ex-serving ADF personnel and their families. As well as a program of adventure challenges, Mates4Mates provides health care and welfare including confidential counselling, physical rehabilitation, employment support and mentorship. How you can help Buying tickets in RSL Art Union is the most effective way to support our current and ex-service men and women. The RSL Art Union conducts 10 Art Unions every year and typically offers the largest and most expensive house lotteries in Australia, with tickets starting from $5. The lottery prizes include luxury homes in premium locations across Queensland including the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane CBD as well as prize homes in New South Wales and Victoria. In addition to luxury prize homes, RSL Art Union often gives supporters the chance to win a car and cashable gold bullion. Once a year, RSL Art Union conducts a major lottery, with $10 tickets offering supporters the chance to win a prize worth over $3 million, for example an entire apartment complex in a popular coastal location. RSL Art Union offers a VIP Club that guarantees its members tickets in every art union as well as automatic entry into $1.7 million worth of bonus draws every year. Joining this Club is the simplest way of securing a chance to win every time as well as supporting the very worthy cause. RSL’s lottery winners attest to how their life improved upon winning, enabling people to move into their luxury prize home or sell their prize and live the life of luxury they’ve always dreamed of. There have been many touching stories from very deserving RSL prize home winners over the years, from families who have been able to fund their children’s education or pay off their mortgage, elderly couples who have used their winnings to give their loved ones the step up they need and individuals who have quit their jobs to live off the income their win provides. Buying RSL Art Union tickets gives you the chance to win a life changing prize while supporting our current and ex-service men and women. Since its foundation in 1916, the Returned & Services League of Australia (RSL) has worked tirelessly to help build a better Australia. It is known for its active role in community affairs and determination to preserve our way of life. A major activity of the RSL is the provision of welfare services to ex-service men and women, their dependants and to other members of the Community. Welfare includes pension and advocacy services, retirement and care facilities, home care and financial assistance to ex-servicemen and women including their dependants. In 1956 the RSL Art Union, which is a Queensland based lottery, was established to raise funds to provide these essential services.

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Phone: 1300775888


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