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OFFICIAL Facebook page of the Council of the City of Gold Coast. Keep up with News, Services, Free Events, Programs and Emergency Notifications. City of Gold Coast administers this page to provide information on City initiatives, events, programs, news and matters of public safety. It is used as an important tool for the City to actively engage with and inform our community. We will respond to service enquiries via Facebook where possible, but still encourage individuals to report issues via the City’s Report a Problem tool or phone 07 5582 8211. Terms of Use An open dialogue between ourselves and members of the general public is always beneficial to achieving our goals. However, when commenting on this page, we ask that you follow the below guidelines. - Do not harass, threaten or make personal attacks against other users or Council employees - Do not post or repost anything that could be considered offensive, prejudicial, racist, off-topic, inflammatory, promotional, repetitive, vexatious, offensive or otherwise inappropriate. - Do not use obscene or offensive language - Do not speculate or comment on legal matters or legislation. - Do not post or share anything that may constitute spam such as advertisements, appeals, requests or endorsements. - Do not reveal any personal or sensitive information about others on this page and protect your own personal privacy by not including personal details in the public comments. - Do not link to other websites, facebook pages or off-topic pages. - As we would like to keep our page an election-free zone we may hide posts to our page from declared candidates including incumbents for the 2016 City Council election. Under the city’s External Communications Policy the Mayor is the City spokesperson and will continue to inform our community about Council initiatives, news, events, programs and matters of public safety via this page until the official election campaign period begins. The City of Gold Coast Facebook page is not for the distribution of material, or promotion of any political parties, or members of those parties. Our site does not allow council staff to post political material. This includes Councillors. Councillors must not comment on our sites as this can be seen to be promoting the individual councillor, rather than the subject matter. Councillors can share our posts on their individual Facebook sites. As a rule, the City will not share Councillor posts. Councillors who consistently make comment may be blocked, similar to residents or followers who do not abide by the terms. The City of Gold Coast Facebook page must remain neutral and not be seen to be promoting or endorsing a Councillor. As the spokesperson’s for the City under the External Communication Policy, the Mayor or Deputy Mayor may appear from time to time in content posted to the City’s page but will not directly comment or interact within the page itself. The City of Gold Coast Facebook page is for the promotion of the City, City initiatives and events around the City of Gold Coast only. By following these simple guidelines, you will help make our jobs easier and allow us to focus on keeping Gold Coast residents informed. If you don’t adhere to these rules, we will moderate and potentially remove your comments. Users found to be repeatedly engaging in the above activities may be banned from this page. Opinions posted by users of this page do not reflect those of the City of Gold Coast . Other places you can connect with City of Gold Coast include: Our official website: Twitter: YouTube: With its community base, Council is often regarded as the grassroots level of government and most accessible to the people it represents. Gold Coast City Council is responsible for providing much of the planning and infrastructure needed for Australia's fastest growing city. It also deals with many of the day-to-day community needs such as garbage collection, local law, libraries and lifeguards.

Street address: 8 Karp Court, Bundall, Gold Coast

Phone: 1300 GOLDCOAST (1300 465 326) o

Website: http://www.goldcoast.qld....

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