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Listen live: http://www.nova937.com.au/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/nova937 Instagram: http://instagram.com/nova937 Welcome to the Nova 937 Facebook community! To ensure we all have a good time, Nova would like to ask you to abide by some simple house rules. You should keep in mind that if your post breaks any of these rules, we may delete it without notice or comment. What you need to know: It’s all about Nova! Please keep all comments and posts relevant to our station and its shows. We love to hear what you think of our shows, but anything that is off-topic will be removed. Be nice! Don’t post comments or material that is offensive, sexist, racist, abusive, homophobic, sexually explicit or otherwise inappropriate. Do not swear or we will have to wash your mouth out with soap*. *And by that we mean we will remove your post. Don’t make us call the lawyers! Don’t post comments or link to material that is defamatory, discriminatory, threatening, misleading, infringes copyright or is otherwise unlawful. Your post will be removed, and you could face legal consequences. Keep it real! Don’t impersonate anyone else or share personal information. If you post pictures of others, make sure you get their permission first. If you want to share that awesome photo of you and your mate Kev rocking out to Nova, make sure Kev knows you are going to post it. If Kev is under 18, you’ll need to get permission from his parents/guardian. Be original! No one likes their creations being used without being asked. Don’t post content that wasn’t created by yourself unless you have the creator’s permission. No spam! Please don’t spam our page. This means no one word comments, repeated posts or unauthorised advertising. Almost there, just a few more important points… Comments and opinions expressed on this page are not endorsed by Nova or any of its staff. We are not responsible for links to other websites or content on those third party websites. Nova reserves the rights to remove complaints and other negative information posted to our Facebook pages at our absolute discretion. If you need to vent, please submit a ‘complaint’ or ‘feedback’ form via our website (www.novafm.com.au) and we will address your concerns as soon as possible. By contributing to this page, you agree to Nova using your content in any manner (including broadcast on-air) without obligation or compensation to you. In addition to the above guidelines, your use of any of our Facebook pages is also subject to our Website Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy. Thanks for stopping by, and remember, live life Nova!

Rating: 5 / 5 - 951522

Street address: 464 Hay St Level 1, Perth

Phone: 0894891937


  • *Books holiday to use new luggage.*

  • Spicy stuff!

  • Dora’s eyebrows though…🙌🏼

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Nova 937

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Conscious Living Expo

Conscious Living Expo

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