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Welcome to the official Coles Supermarkets Facebook page. We love hearing your thoughts, so get involved, have some fun & help shape the way we do things! http://coles.com.au. We’re here Monday-Friday 8:30-6 AEST While we're really keen to encourage discussion and get your ideas and input we may be required under law to remove posts, and nevertheless reserve our right to remove any inappropriate material, including posts that are: - Offensive, discriminatory, racist or use foul language - Abusive, a personal attack, or reveal personal information about customers or colleagues - Misleading or deceptive - Off topic comments or spam - In violation of any law, regulation, or third party’s rights We have the ability to ban commenters who do not follow the page rules listed above. Please send us a private message on the page if you spot an inappropriate post that we may not have noticed.

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  • Winner winner, smoked salmon for dinner! Grab a pack for $6 and find your inspiration here 🐟

    Coles den 20/01 2019 via
  • Squeaky Gate Growers Co. Australian extra virgin olive oil the way it should be. 🇦🇺

    Coles den 19/01 2019 via
  • It’s number 1 in the US and now it’s at Coles! Unmask the deluxe scent of NEW Downy fabric enhancer today. 🎭

    Coles den 17/01 2019 via

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  • Coles what the hell is wrong with your 10lt water. Its smells terribly strong of a chemical and tastes absolutely horrible. Second 10ltr container in a row bought from coles erina fair. Get your act together. There's something seriously wrong. Your 1...

    den 21/01 2019
  • Coles at Williamstown Vic 3016: (and probably other stores) I find, as a customer, that the self-serve checkouts are closed approx before 8am and after approx 8pm. Generally, also, there is no Express Checkout open when the self-serves are closed. I ...

    den 20/01 2019
  • Bought a quiche for the family on Friday afternoon from Noranda WA Coles. Wife went to cook it for dinner tonight and realise the use by date was also Friday. If it should have been used on Friday I would have thought it would be marked down. Total w...

    den 20/01 2019

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