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About Caboolture Aeroclub

http://www.cabaeroclub.org.au Caboolture Aeroclub

Rating: 4 / 5 - 684

Street address: Lot 451 McNaught Road, Caboolture

Phone: 0418-888-435


  • With many members away for the holiday break there's no club flying at Caboolture this week. But that doesn't mean no flying at all. Two members, Bert and Speedy, self-launched for three hours of soaring on Boxing Day. Then Speedy came back yesterday...

  • Well it's boxing day here in the Southern Hemisphere, but Santa is still on his rounds, which children around the world can track! But did you know the story about how this famous service started, thanks to one child, a wrong phone number and a by-th...

  • AAHC and the Beaufort are based in Hangar 104 at Caboolture Aerodrome.

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Caboolture Aeroclub

Caboolture Aeroclub

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