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About Australian Working Dog Rescue

http://www.workingdogrescue.com.au Email:contact@awdri.com.au Please note that if you spam our Facebook page you may be banned with no warning. Spamming includes posting in all capitals (shouting) and continuous posting (1 wall post after another). The AWDRI Facebook page is not an area for advertising of other institutions, companies or products by way of hot linking or cross posting (SPAM). Our page is not for others to advertise on for 'likes', to try and gain votes for competitions, to find lost dogs, to sell dogs, or to be used as a type of "free advice" service in relation to behaviour or medical conditions. This is not a place to post your own dog in order to find it a home, nor is it a place for you to post photos or memes you sourced elsewhere. See our website Rehoming page for information on the dog re-homing process. Our fans are most welcome to post pictures of those they have rescued, are fostering or are helping in some other way. If you do decide to post photos to our page please note that by doing so you give us the right to repost said photos across social media platforms. Please respect our page as we respect those of other rescues and organisations and keep it free of spam. If you have something you wish to have attention drawn to please email it to us or submit it via our forms on our website. Please also respect the privacy of others. Do not tag individuals on posts, post hotlinks, or phone numbers and addresses of people, or businesses. If you choose to comment on our page and make pledges of donations to assist, or pledge to foster a dog in order to facilitate AWDRI saving a dog and you do not follow through with your pledge, then the person making the false pledges will be removed. The AWDRI page is not a place for you to make yourself heard. If you decide to put on a public display for any reason, especially including defamation of any person or association then you will be removed. All matters of interest or official business should be directed via email to contact@awdri.com.au. AWDRI holds zero tolerance for personal abuse. No filters are in place on our page as we expect people to behave in a civil manner. If you cannot do as such expect to be banned and reported. This page is maintained by Australian Working Dog Rescue under Facebook terms and conditions. All rights reserved. About adopting: http://www.workingdogrescue.com.au/information/adopting-an-animal/ About fostering: http://www.workingdogrescue.com.au/get-involved/foster/ How to donate: http://www.workingdogrescue.com.au/ways-to-help/donations/ How to advise us of a pound dog on death row: http://www.workingdogrescue.com.au/get-involved/submit-pound-dog/ How to rehome your dog: http://www.workingdogrescue.com.au/information/surrendering-an-animal/ How to volunteer: http://www.workingdogrescue.com.au/get-involved/volunteer/

Rating: 5 / 5 - 472889

Street address: PO BOX 4188, Pitt Town

Phone: 0417 497 031


  • Oh Normy, could you be any more gorgeous? Perhaps your new family might see this and apply 💕

  • Foster mum says the flowers have blossomed just like me 😂😍 #Bonny #available #lovebug #GosfordSave

  • "Is this my good side foster Ma?" Cora is practicing her modelling skills for her profile 😍

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  • Being in Alaska, we can't adopt one from there. But after looking for a couple years, we found a blue that is just right for our family. His name is Ryker. We adore him!

    den 24/09 2018 via
  • Look who I just saw on Nine news in Melbourne. The team are all at our Melbourne Show.

    den 23/09 2018 via
  • Always working.

    den 23/09 2018 via

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